After two decades of hands on mechanical design and engineering experience for many of the premier mtb suspension companies and four decades of riding and playing on two and four wheels on dirt, mud, and snow, OSO has learned exactly what we want and, equally, do not want in a product.  Every company seems to have their compromises, turnover, and bottom lines that don't always result in what's best for the end consumer.  OSO saw enough of this and realized it was getting more difficult to find products worth spending the money on knowing their shortcomings in quality, design, and experience so it was time to take the leap and go solo.

OSO's mission is to provide consumers with high quality products that meet our standards and expectations and will ensure we get you out charging your favorite trails.  Being engineering based, we will make sure our products are not described by unnecessary marketing jargon and flash and are produced and presented based on facts and experience.  We want to design what we would want to use ourselves, while working with the needs and expectations of the most elite athletes in the industry.  With the correct balance of quality and performance, we will only provide products that meet the demands of the most experienced  user, while keeping things pure and simple for everyone.