Off Street Only - OSO Components, started in 2011,  was borne from a passion and desire to design and produce high quality products. 

"My entire life path has led me here.  It is an honor, a challenge and a blessing to have the opportunity to design product that will get you outside to create memories on dirt or snow.  My best breath is on a trail surrounded by trees, mountains, and open space.  I have two decades of professional experience and four decades of mountain adventures that have gifted me the breadth and depth to design the highest quality product for off-road.  You know you feel your best self when you are inhaling the ride with the sound of twigs and leaves snapping below. Let OSO take you there." Anthony Trujillo - Founder/Engineer

OSO: Designed to Charge.



Anthony Trujillo

Off Street Only - OSO Components (2011-Present) - Founder / Engineer

  • A list of customers with brief details can be seen on the Clients page.

Tenneco Marzocchi (2012) - Sales/Engineering/Marketing

  • Brought in during a very sensitive transitional state that quickly exposed all aspects of the company, past and present.

  • Supported Sales, Marketing, and Engineering during a critical time of rebuilding and rebranding.

Hosmer Dorrance Corporation (2012) - Senior Mechanical Engineer

  • Hydraulics expert for Raize and Endurance damper units.

X Fusion Shox (2009-2011) - Engineering & Product Manager

  • Fixed and made improvements to Velvet and Vengeance fork chassis, dampers and air springs, HiLo seatpost, and Vector series of rear shocks.

  • Designed new Vector Air DH and O2 series of shocks.

    • Introduced new extra positive volume air sleeve configuration to help with heat dissipation, which was later seen and still in use by BOS Suspension on their rear mtb shocks.

    • Introduced new extra negative volume sleeve configuration to keep a lighter chassis than using an extra sleeve, which was later seen and still in use by RockShox on their rear mtb shocks, as well as BOS.

Specialized Bicycle Components (2006-2009) - Senior Suspension Engineer

  • Implemented needed improvements to existing Enduro, SJ, and Epic SBC Brand rear shocks.

  • Designed new Brain configuration for Epic and SJ resulting in US Patent 8336683.

  • Designed new micro chassis for Epic resulting in US Patent 8276719 and being ridden into a World Championship XC gold as a prototype and later first Olympic XC gold. Oversized eyelet design for increased positive volume was later seen and still in use by FOX on their rear mtb shocks. Micro chassis design was later seen and still in use by X Fusion on their Microlite series of rear mtb shocks.

FOX Racing Shox (1998-2006) - Senior Suspension Engineer

  • Designed and/or developed to production the following rear shocks: FLOAT RL, 1st gen Remote Lock Out, 1st gen ProPedal for Vanilla and FLOAT series, Itch for Specialized Enduro, TALAS for Trek Fuel, AVA air sleeves, DHX air and coil series, and Van R.

  • Worked with and tuned on the US National and World Cup circuits for all level of riders, including top professionals Fabien Barel, Brian Lopes, Marla Streb, Nathan Rennie, Jared Graves, Justin Leov, John Kirkaldie, Joel Panozzo, Jill Kintner, Wade Bootes, and so many others.