Off Street Only - Public Intro Release



Aptos, CA., September 18, 2017 – Off Street Only incorporated this year while its founder, Anthony Trujillo, transitioned out of consulting and contract work for the past six years. 

Off Street Only (OSO) Components started in 2011 after Trujillo had spent over 13 years in the suspension industry working as a suspension product engineer for companies such as FOX Racing Shox, Specialized Bicycle Components and X Fusion Shox.  The move to freelance in 2011 allowed for greater flexibility both personally and professionaly for Trujillo. He was able to support design and manufacturing engineering duties for Gamut, X Fusion, Rocky Mountain, and FOX. Trujillo also expanded the breadth of this design experience with other small companies, entrepreneurs, and larger companies such as Hosmer Dorrance Corporation, a prosthetic limb company, which designs and manufactures custom dampers for above- and below-knee amputee products.

“Pushing two decades of direct design, development, and manufacturing experience at all company levels and both sides of the mountain bike industry, all while wearing many hats, I was feeling the desire and push to work on my own products,” said Trujillo.  “Another factor for the move was the coming together with old friend and co-worker, Vincent Chen.” Vincent co-founded his own suspension company, Racing Bros, in 2006 with a focus on high-end aftermarket power sport suspension.  “We had actually talked about getting into the mountain bike market in 2011, but I wasn’t quite ready, for multiple reasons.  Thankfully, we stayed in contact and shared each other’s vision and realized it was time to get the wheels in motion this year.  Having also worked with many engineers and product managers in the industry, I look forward to re-kindling all relationships and being a part of amazing new rides for the masses.”

 “I first worked with ‘AT’ back in the early 2000s, when I was at X Fusion and he was at FOX. It was our time at Specialized, however, where we were able to really grow together and see one another’s vision for what we might do if we worked together,” reflected Chen.  “With the continued success of Racing Bros, I am excited to work with AT again, to see what great things we can create and offer in the mountain bike market.”

Off Street Only will initially focus on high-end mountain bike suspension components and supporting tools.  Being witness to the sporadic release of suspension components over the past 10+ years, Off Street Only feels there is room for customer-friendly, high-quality products focused directly on performance.

While Off Street Only will begin with the longer travel rear shocks segment, initial products will be a common fixture for evey suspension engineer and technician: - the Hand ‘Dyno’.  You won’t find the Hand Dyno at the nearest trailhead, but it is needed and used by engineers and technicians in R&D labs and reputable service centers everywhere. It is the essential tool for quickly diagnosing internal issues with forks and shocks, while also double checking a product was rebuilt correctly. Off Street Only wants to make these test fixtures available to retailers who want to expand their service options to customers and not solely rely on Service Centers or Suspension companies. The Hand Dyno can also be used as a marketing tool to readily demonstrate the feel and adjustment range of rear shocks and front forks on the shop floor. This is especially effective if the bike can’t be taken for a test ride, or the rider wants a more in-depth tour of a suspension component’s dials and feel. This is a way to quickly inspect suspension components dynamics, such as friction and for feeling the subtle change in rebound damping or pedaling platform, for example.

Off Street Only is thrilled and honored to get in the game and we look forward to presetning and offering our products in the months and years to come.

About Off Street Only

Off Street Only is a design company based in Santa Cruz County focused on outdoor products, keeping you off streets and charging on your favorite trails.  Founded in 2011, they were incoporated in 2017 to begin designing and producing their own products after six years as a successful contract and consulting service.


About Racing Bros

Racing Bros was founded in 2006 by a group of passionate people from mountain bike and power sport industries.  Combining more than 30 years of suspension design and manufacturing experience,  Racing Bros is devoted to Innovation, Craftsmanship and Quality.  Racing Bros’ racing scooter Bazooka air shock series has been at the top of many podiums in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and various other Asian countries.  Shicane coil shock series has a wide range of applications for motorcycle manufacturers such as Honda, Yamaha and Harley Davidson.  In 2017, their latest Air Cannon series will be entering a new market with Harley Davidson.  Racing Bros – Redefining the Art of Suspension